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The Spectrum for Psychosocial Impairment of Functioning or SPIF for short, was designed to assess seven areas of functioning with particular sensitivity to subthreshold symptomatology. The seven areas or domains are: Household Management (11 items), Occupational (11 items), Education/Training (10 items), Leisure Time (7 items), Social/Family Relationships (12 items), Mobility (8 items) and Sexual Behavior (12 items). A final, open-ended question asks the respondent to mention an area of concern that we may have missed. The instrument has both English and Italian language versions and the wording is appropriately different for the Lifetime and 30-day versions. It has been tested on adults and college students, leaving its validity for adolescents and children unknown. Indeed, some domains and items are inappropriate for the young. In unpublished reports the SPIF has been validated against the 5-item Work and Social Adjustment Scale (Mundt, et al., 2002) and sensitive enough to pick up functional impairment detected on a brief symptom instrument, the General 5 Spectrum Measure (GMS-V, Rucci et al. (2003).


See algorithm section, below on this page for how to score the instrument.

Psychometric Properties

not determinated to date

Note: each items is scored on an ordinal level.
household management sum of items 1-11
occupational (if applicabile) sum of items 13-22
education/training sum of items 23-32
leisure time sum of items 33-39
family/social relationships sum of items 40-50
mobility sum of items 51-57
sexual funcioning sum of items 58-69
Total score (sum of domains scores) range 0 -
Threshold for total score for any of the instruments: none determined at this time